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5 Fun Facts About Baking

It’s so easy to love baking! Not only are you creating yummy treats and confections for your friends and family (and sometimes yourself!), but you are also exercising your creativity and contributing to a fun baking community. There are many interesting and fun things about baking, so here are a few of our favourites!   Baking Is Good For Your Mental Health There are many studies that show evidence that baking makes you feel good, not only because sweets are great mood boosters, but also because the act of creating something helps you feel more positive. Baking can boost self-conf..
Sep 11, 2021,

How To Minimize Packaging Waste In Your Bakery

They say food is the way to Singaporeans’ hearts, and there is no doubt that is absolutely true. Amid the new normal, more and more home bakeries have emerged in Singapore, selling incredibly creative and delicious goodies that are freshly baked, right from their home kitchens. However, the issue of packaging wastage persists (and potentially increasing) amongst these new commerces, including but not limited to bakeries, confectioneries, coffee shops, restaurants and hotels.Achieving zero waste may seem impossible in the food industry, especially if the packaging is not designed to be reu..
Jun 30, 2021,

10 Best Baking Tips and Tricks

Baking is fun, yet its trial-and-error process can be intimidating. Don’t let this stop you from trying out new recipes— you’ll get better with constant practice. At the same time, even as a seasoned baker, it’s nice to learn new skills in the kitchen every now and then. Here are ten baker-recommended tips and tricks you can use the next time you’re whipping up your delicious baked treats: 1. Weigh Your Ingredients Unlike cooking, baking is an exact science. While you can get away with a dash of extra salt on your dishes, it can make a tremendous difference in your pastries’ flavor an..
May 17, 2021,

4 Myths About Starting a Home Bakery Business

You always have to start somewhere. The pandemic has given us space and time to venture into hobbies and potentially turn them profitable, but in all things, there will always be challenges when taking on something new - like starting a home bakery business.

Mar 29, 2021, Author
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