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10 Best Baking Tips and Tricks

May 17, 2021,

Baking is fun, yet its trial-and-error process can be intimidating. Don’t let this stop you from trying out new recipes— you’ll get better with constant practice.

At the same time, even as a seasoned baker, it’s nice to learn new skills in the kitchen every now and then. Here are ten baker-recommended tips and tricks you can use the next time you’re whipping up your delicious baked treats:

1. Weigh Your Ingredients

Unlike cooking, baking is an exact science. While you can get away with a dash of extra salt on your dishes, it can make a tremendous difference in your pastries’ flavor and weight. Never estimate amounts when it comes to baking. Invest in a kitchen scale and other measuring tools to keep the measurements of your ingredients precise.

2. Watch Your Temperature

Similarly, making a slight adjustment to your oven’s temperature setting can affect the result of your baked goods. To avoid any mishap, follow the exact oven setting suggested on the recipe. Make sure to check if the temperature is stated in Celsius or Fahrenheit. Likewise, if the recipe asks you to melt the butter at room temperature, don’t replace it with microwave oven-melted butter.

3. Mise En Place

Translated from French, this tongue-in-cheek term means “everything in its place”. Before starting with any procedure, it’s best to prepare everything you need for the entire baking process so your product won’t turn out overbaked just because you were searching for that one tool or ingredient. 

4. Use a Scoop when Portioning Cookies

Always ending up with unevenly sized cookies? Use an ice cream scoop or a melon baller for your dough when filling the liner. This will also give your cookies a uniform texture and consistency.

5. Scrape Inside Your Mixing Bowl

When mixing ingredients, make sure that everything is thoroughly incorporated including those that are stuck at the bottom and sides of the bowl, or you won’t get the taste, spread and structure that you are looking for. If you are using an electric mixer, stop every now and then to scrape the bottom and sides with a spatula.

6. Achieve the Perfect Cut with a Hot Knife

Bet you didn’t know this one: A hot knife cuts smoothly through bars and pies and gives you perfect-looking slices. Just dip your knife in hot water for a couple of seconds then quickly dry with a clean towel before slicing the treats.

7. Measure Sticky Ingredients with Ease

Ingredients like syrups and molasses pour quite slowly and can be hard to measure. To get the accurate measurement you need, run a measuring spoon under hot water before scooping the liquid. All excess amounts shall slide back smoothly into the container.

8. Fill Piping Bags in a Cup

Have trouble filling up a piping bag with frosting or icing? Place the bag in a cup instead of cuffing it in your hand to avoid all the mess! If necessary, tie right above the spot where the icing ends to prevent it from coming out of the bag.

9. Go for Premium Ingredients

Quality ingredients yield quality results. More often than not, low-cost ingredients contain artificial fillers and substandard components that may not produce your desired outcome. Purchase your ingredients from a trusted supplier carrying well-known baking brands.

10. Use The Right Tools and Equipment

You may already have that mixing spoon that can get all your baking jobs done, but it doesn’t give you the same superior results as using the correct tools and equipment. Store the right tools and equipment in your kitchen to make your baked goods appear as good as they taste!

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