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About Us

About Us

SenMao is an international multinational trading company that was originally founded in 2010.

The company mainly engaged in baking and cooking tools and equipment, baking ingredients, packaging bags and boxes, ribbons, customized service, international logistics, processing and manufacturing, import, and export.

After adjustment and integration, we set up a corporate headquarters in Singapore in 2020. And we also opened our first retail store and our first showroom in Singapore.


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Our Values

We are committed to the pursuit of providing customers with a variety of products and quality service.

In recent years, we have been exploring and developing baking tools and kitchen appliances. For baking and kitchen tools, while ensuring the quality, we strictly control the cost accounting and strive to provide customers with price concessions, product quality assurance products.

Our team is also constantly updating our product line and keeping our design. At the same time, we also design and develop new products together with many excellent designers and enterprises in the world.

We hope that through our efforts, customers can choose and buy more variety of products. It also helps to eliminate the limitations of these tools between baking and cooking.

In terms of customer service, we are also striving to provide a better customer service and shopping experience for our customers.

We have also been actively working to develop and grow our community so that more people who love baking and cooking can get together, share bits and pieces of baking and cooking, and help each other solve their problems when they encounter problems.

We also hope that through sharing, we can bring more people who love baking and cooking together. SenMao hopes to grow up with everyone together.

SenMao, Everyone's Baking! Baking is sharing. Sharing is love. Baking and cooking bring people together.


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