4 Myths about starting a Home Bakery Business

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4 Myths About Starting a Home Bakery Business

Mar 29, 2021, Author

4 Myths About Starting A Home Bakery Business


You always have to start somewhere. The pandemic has given us space and time to venture into hobbies and potentially turn them profitable, but in all things, there will always be challenges when taking on something new - like starting a home bakery business.


A lot of you are talented in the kitchen but are scared to make a career out of it. It’s no secret that starting a bakery business will be difficult. It will have ups and downs - but some people are hesitant to venture in the field because of false ideas that stop aspiring bakers from taking the first step.


Here are 4 popular myths about starting a business in baking, and preventing talented people to flourish in this craft.

#1 You need to undergo a formal training

Whenever we think of success in baking, we often compare ourselves to renowned bakers and patissiers who spent years studying and mastering their skills. Sometimes, it fills us with a drive to be at their level, while other times it can feel highly intimidating.


Fortunately, baking is a skill that you can learn while growing up, taught by friends and family, or through video tutorials we can easily access. As long as you know the basics and practice with passion, you can create treats that captivate your customers. There are tons of bakery owners who started baking only as a hobby, then later pursued to generate income from it.


Practically speaking, when you have a full-time job or are a full-time student, it can be difficult to juggle between attending a baking course and your work/study. Although it is good to gain credentials before starting a bakery business, it is not mandatory.

#2 You need to have a formal education in business/entrepreneurship

This is a common and understandable worry for many people since managing a business requires filing paperwork and understanding taxes on top of the labour you would have to do. However, SMEs are greatly supported to boost the local economy and it is relatively easy for you to consult government offices to find out what requirements you need to meet, and how to meet them. 


You can consult published reading materials on the Housing Development Board’s website or the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s website to learn about the rules regarding home-based businesses. There are also other ways to understand the complexities of starting a business such as discussing it with family, consulting a friend, or attending workshops and seminars.


You may also worry about creating the perfect business plan right from the getgo - reality is, it won’t always be smooth sailing at the start. However, the beauty of starting out is the limitless potential of your business. Even if you don’t have formal education on the subject, your home bakery business can thrive when you have the skill of listening closely to customer feedback and doing your own research.

#3 You need to create elaborate cakes to succeed

Cake trends often showcase grand two or three-tier sculpted cakes covered with fondant and intricate icings. While they are pleasing to the eye, you need to remember that people would rather remember the taste rather than the design.


Focus on the flavour and the quality of the food, then work from there. There’s a reason why family recipes are loved by generations despite looking simple, and that’s because of taste. What’s the point of putting so much effort into design if you let the flavour become stale? Be more confident in the flavours you create.


If you also noticed, minimalistic pastries are also trending - so there should be no pressure to force yourself to be flamboyant. If inspiration strikes, embrace it! If not, it’s totally okay. Just make sure that you stay true to your style while knowing if your customers like them too.

#4 You need a huge capital

Many people feel pressured to have as much capital as possible when starting a business. Yes, it can be advantageous, but some have believed this myth to the point of drowning in debt for the sake of capital.


You can start with a small budget. You can even start working with the baking essentials you already have, and leave the purchase of more expensive and high-tech machineries once you’ve prospered. Here are the essential baking tools that don’t require a huge budget: Silicone spatulas, Balloon whisk, Digital food scale, Measuring cups & spoon, Sifter, Cake pans, and Muffin tray.


But be keen in purchasing these baking essentials. While these may be common tools, you need ones that will work greatly and be worth the investment. Avoid straying from the trusted brands, and shop your baking essentials from SenMao Singapore.

For everything baking related - equipment, ingredients, and even packaging materials, SenMao has been providing top quality tools since 2010 to make baking fun and simple. Check out more top-quality baking tools in our Facebook and Instagram accounts, and start your home bakery business with us!

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